Calling all teachers! The NWPB is proud to offer an array of tools for your classrooms. More often these days, healthy eating and Frosted Watermelon Donuts lifestyle management articles are in the news. Teachers have the attention of their students in the classroom and they have the opportunity to drive the importance of nutrition home - literally.

A healthy lifestyle starts in the home, and you can teach your students valuable lessons about a nutrition and fun fruit – watermelon! Explore our online Teacher Tool Kit for class lessons, including language arts, math, geography and more. Ranging in grade levels, these tools will help the students teach the parents, and the message is health.

Additionally, check out our games & activities, kid's recipes and watermelon facts. All guaranteed to teach the students about fun with watermelon and healthy eating.

Lessons, activity sheets, coloring pages and recipes are all downloadable for free. For more information or tools to assist you teach about nutrition contact us.
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