Watermelon is a great value for food service operators year-round as its great taste is well-received by guests of all ages. It's availability and bright color make watermelon a fun treat and an exciting and healthy option for your customers. Breakfasts, salads, salsas, drinks, our watermelon recipes don't end there. Search our recipes database designed specifically for food service operators, with serving sizes of 50 or more.

Bright colors and flavors. Naturally sweet and nutritious. And, oh-so-fresh and versatile. Today’s watermelon is as comfortable at a picnic as it is at an upscale bar or restaurant. Innovative chefs across the country are pioneering a whole new world of watermelon. We’ll show you inspiration and techniques to maximize your use of this visually appealing ingredient that will help set your menu apart.

On the menu, watermelon hits a sweet spot with guests of all ages and genders. Please view our Watermelon Foodservice Guide for:

  • Why adventurous chefs are elevating watermelon on the menu
  • On-the-menu features and chef insights
  • Watermelon varieties and production facts
  • Nutrition facts and healthy trends
  • Yield guidelines and measurements
  • Storage and handling information
  • Creative serving ideas

Foodservice links and resources:

  • Search our recipes database for breakfasts, salads, salsas, appetizers, drinks and more




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Food Service Guide Throughout the year, try some of our various fresh serving ideas. Make sure you know your watermelon basics about yield, safe cutting methods and proper handling techniques to help ensure the safest, tastiest watermelon is served in your establishment. Nutritional benefits to the customer may translate into more orders during these health conscious times; learn about them all on our site!