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District 6 Nomination Meeting to be held Saturday, Nov. 8 in McAllen, TX

 District 6 Press Release & Proxy Form 2015

2014 Watermelon Board Member Appointments Announced

Jan 14, 2014 - Secretary Vilsack Announces Watermelon Promotion Board Appointments


Important Fact: The assessment rate is currently six cents per hundredweight. 


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Price elasticity of whole watermelon – how does it affect watermelon prices this summer? What is its effect on consumer purchases?

Rose Research LLC, conducted a study as follows: "A total of 800 online interviews were completed during May/ June among respondents who are the primary grocery shoppers of their household and purchased whole watermelon in the past few months. The interviewing was conducted among a national sample of respondents and is reflective of U.S. population statistics". According to Steve Rose: "The price elasticity study confirms that the (perceived) current price of whole watermelon ($4.56) falls within the range of acceptable prices the consumer is willing to pay - $3.25 - $4.71. According to Rose Research, the price of $4.56 is at the high-end of the range and we would suggest that in these challenging economic times – with the consumer watching their budget carefully and cutting back in many areas – caution should be used when pricing watermelon going forward as higher (prices) near the limit could inhibit sales, long term."

The NWPB cannot dictate price to retailers for legal and other obvious reasons. As such this report should be used with discretion as you discuss this with retailers. All we are doing is stating the facts based on a valid research project of consumers, that is intended to show how certain price points can either stimulate or discourage purchases of watermelon based on what the consumer's in this study were reporting. We want this to be a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

 Price Elasticity