Rockstar Nutritionist “Jump with Jill” Promotes Watermelon Jump With Jill

The "Eat More Watermelon! Jump with Jill Tour" kicked off National Nutrition Month in March. This rock 'n roll nutrition tour sings to the tasty tune of watermelon throughout elementary schools nationwide. From California to New Jersey, and Nebraska to Texas, the tour will run from March through September and reaches tens of thousands of kids! The show’s educational, movement-inducing tunes are an innovative way to teach kids the benefits of enjoying fruit like watermelon over soda or candy.

“Watermelon is naturally sweet and is like eating a multi-vitamin; it’s high in lycopene, Vitamin C, A, and it has Vitamin B6,” says show creator Jill Jayne, a registered dietitian and musician. “It’s nutritious, and delicious, and fun to eat. There is no food I’d rather sing about!"

Better known as the Rockstar Nutritionist, Jill Jayne has created a reputation of healthy rock since 2006. Her unique approach to nutrition addresses the childhood obesity crisis in a way that today’s media-savvy kids can digest. Using music, dance, and interactive learning, the show improves retention of healthy habits by using the same tools used by mass media marketers to sell junk food. Jill teaches entire schools about healthy eating and staying active. Jill’s work has been performed for over 250,000 kids across the United States and has been featured in national media outlets including NPR, PBS, The Washington Post, and industry trade publications.

To learn more about the Jump with Jill program, and to see if she's coming to a school near you, visit her website at! Contact Stephanie Barlow, Director of PR and Social Media, for more information. 


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