Please fill out the form below to enter your display into the 2018 National Watermelon Retail Display Contest. To download the official 2018 Retail Display Contest Rules click here. The online entry form will be available starting July 7th running through midnight EST on September 7th.

You do not need the Retail Display Contest Kit to participate in this contest.

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All photos must be in JPG or PNG format and at least 500KB in size. Photos must include at least one photo of the full display. You may submit multiple photos (3 is the maximum).

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By submitting this entry, I acknowledge that I have read the contest rules and that all photos become property of the National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) and may be used by the NWPB and its partners in marketing materials and communications, both online and offline. Please accept the terms & conditions.
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