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Where does seedless watermelon come from

Watermelon is a summertime staple, and more prevalently we’re seeing it available


A look at the history of the seedless watermelon

These days, seedless watermelon is king. It’s so prevalent, that I often get questions from watermelon lovers about where they can find watermelon with seeds.


The Myth About Swallowing Watermelon Seeds

Has anyone ever told you that if you eat a watermelon seed, a watermelon will grow in your stomach?


How many Rubber Bands Do I Need

Ask the experts: How many rubber bands do I need for that “exploding watermelon” trick?


How To Preserve Watermelon

Do you have an over-abundance of fresh watermelon? Here at NWPB it’s hard for us to fathom such an occasion, but if you find yourself with extra, here a few of our favorite ways to preserve our favorite fruit.


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Watermelon Board

Representing 1,500 watermelon growers, shippers and importers nationwide, our goal is to promote the nutritional, culinary and convenience benefits of watermelon.


Enjoy the sweet taste at a watermelon festival.

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Whole Watermelon

Use the whole watermelon – flesh, juice and rind.

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