watermelon kabobs, push pops and lettuce wraps

Disclaimer: Don’t have kids? Don’t worry – these recipes and tips are adult-friendly, too. ??

The days of pool parties and summer camps will soon be replaced with early morning bus schedules, homework and after-school activities. While you’re stocking up on backpacks, markers and notebooks, be sure to pick up a watermelon or two to help you prepare for the first week of school.

Watermelon is the perfect brain food for budding Einsteins. It’s packed with nutrients, fiber and water to fill up kiddos’ tummies so they can focus on their lessons. Plus, it provides plenty of healthy fuel to power though their after-school activities. Use this handy checklist to help you pass the back-to-school test with flying colors:

  • Start the day the right way: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially during the school year. Make sure your kids get a healthy start to the day before getting on the bus. Smear Watermelon Spread on their morning bagel or have them grab a Breakfast Push Pop on their way out the door.
  • Pack a healthy, balanced lunchbox: Skip pre-packaged lunchbox items and pack a Happy Lunchbox instead. Swap out the PB&J for easy and delicious watermelon-turkey-cheese kebobs paired with a sweet fruit salad and watermelon + yogurt dippers.
  • Re-energize after school: Have healthy foods ready for kids to snack on when they get home. Play watermelon checkers or chow down on frozen watermelon bites before hitting the books or heading out to sports practice.
  • Fill up at dinnertime: After a long day of learning, kids (and parents) need a healthy and hearty dinner. Whip up a quick and easy dish like Watermelon Rind Stir Fry or Pork Lettuce Wraps for a family meal that’s both delicious and nutritious.

Incorporate watermelon into your meals from morning to night to keep kids healthy and happy as they head back to school. What are your little one’s favorite watermelon snacks?

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