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GREG C. ASKS: So, July is National Watermelon Month, but I’m curious about something — how exactly does one celebrate National Watermelon Month?
It’s true, Greg. July is National Watermelon Month. It’s also National Ice Cream Month, the halfway point of the baseball season, the heart of summer, and my birthday month. In other words, it’s pretty much the greatest month EVER.
But I digress. Back to your initial question about how to celebrate National Watermelon Month. You’ve come to the right place, because if there’s anyone who knows about watermelon and celebrating, it’s me.
The first thing you can add to your celebratory checklist is eating lots of watermelon. I’m talking recipes every day in multiple different ways. Watermelon in your drinks, watermelon for breakfast, watermelon for lunch, watermelon for dinner, and watermelon for dessert.
After that, you can read some watermelon books. I recommend “The Watermelon Seed” by Greg Pizzoli. (It’s a delightful tale about a crocodile with a fear of swallowing a watermelon seed.) Sure, it’s a children’s book, but that just means you can read it over and over again all month long.
While you’re reading the book for the sixth time and sipping some watermelon lemonade, take a moment to think about what your next watermelon-infused meal will be. Later, you can wear a watermelon shirt while writing a letter to your Aunt Edna on some watermelon paper. Of course, you’ll have to write the letter with your watermelon pen, because a letter written with any other pen would just be pointless.
Sure, you can just eat lots of watermelon and still have a pretty incredible National Watermelon Month, but my point is that there are lots of ways to celebrate the best fruit in the world. So go ahead and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, there will be a tomorrow, and hopefully it’s filled with lots of watermelon.

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