MARK M. ASKS: I’ve seen a lot of people making videos where they put rubber bands around a watermelon until it explodes. I’m thinking about giving it a try, but I don’t know how many rubber bands I’ll need. Any ideas?

I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I’ve spent WAY too much time watching those videos, too. I’m talking hours. Like, so much time that you feel slightly ashamed when you’re done. But that’s what YouTube and Friday nights on the couch are for, right? (That’s one of my favorite videos above, courtesy of The Slow Mo Guys.)

I’ve considered attempting the Exploding Watermelon Challenge myself, but I never got up the courage (and the rubber bands) to make it happen. However, those hours of video-watching have taught me a few things you’ll need for your own exploding watermelon attempt:

  1. 1. A PARTNER – It’s much easier to stretch out the rubber bands and slip them over the watermelon if you have a buddy to help with the task. Plus, when the watermelon goes kaboom, the shrieking and jumping out of your seat is more fun with a friend.
  2. 2. A WATERMELON – This is obvious, but your choice of watermelon is important. I’ve seen videos using watermelons of all sizes, but a good old-fashioned, medium-sized melon should do the trick.
  3. 3. GOGGLES – Exploding watermelons can send rinds, seeds and watermelon fleshing flying in all sorts of directions, so some eye protection is definitely recommended.
  4. 4. RUBBER BANDS – Finally, the answer to your question. Some videos I’ve seen have exploded a watermelon with 482 rubber bands while others, like BuzzFeed’s recent attempt, required 690 rubber bands to turn the watermelon into two fractured halves.

Hopefully, I’ve helped arm you with the necessary insight you need for your own attempt. It’s not on the list, because it’s not really required, but don’t forget a camera to record the action. You’ll definitely want to watch your reaction again and again and share it with friends.

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This was so helpful as me and my sisters next video will be to explode a watermelon! Thanks

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