J. Slice skateboarding

Our Healthy Hero

J. Slice

Meet J. Slice. He’s not your average watermelon – he’s super at just about every sport out there. He loves to skateboard, surf and snowboard, and fuel up with watermelon to play in all kinds of fun sports and games. He event fights Professor Junk Food and rescues kids from getting hooked on junk food for life!

J. Slice is the National Watermelon Promotion Board’s mascot who communicates watermelon’s nutritional value and great taste to young consumers. He represents the energy and vitality of a healthy lifestyle that includes eating lots of fruit and vegetables, especially watermelon!

J. Slice’s Helpful Hints

Here are some nutrition education resources and worksheets that help to teach kids about healthy eating.

Set the foundation for a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Let’s teach kids about how to make better food choices, including eating a broad array of fruits and vegetables. Watermelon is part of healthy diet offering hydration, vitamins, and other healthful nutrients. Enjoy watermelon every day of the year, and at any meal, by pairing it with other smart choices like whole grains and reduced fat dairy.

These resources are for parents or other adults who want to teach children about healthy eating. If you are a teacher or health care professional, please feel free to share these sheets.

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