Watermelon is not only a sweet and juicy delight for the taste buds, but it sparks joy and happiness. A slice of watermelon can even resemble a smile, isn’t that grand? So many people love watermelon, and we want to share in that happiness. We have a watermelon community of our own influencers and partners, and of course you can be part of the watermelon conversation on social media.

Maybe you prefer hashtags like #watermeloneveryday or #usethewholewatermelon. Maybe you read health blogs by registered dietitians or lifestyle blogs about fashion, recipe blogs about food or you go down the YouTube rabbit hole of watermelon how-to videos. While we here at the Watermelon Board publish lots and lots of watermelon love, we hope you join the conversation with us, or with one of our partners. Join the watermelon community, everyone is welcome!

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    Watermelon Friends

    Bloggers & Influencers

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    Watermelon Friends

    Jump With Jill

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    Watermelon Friends

    Ross Chastain

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    Watermelon Friends

    Industry Partners

Watermelon Friends

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