Eat Watermelon, Be Happy

The Official Happy Fruit

Would you believe us if we told you that happiness is just a slice away? That’s right. A 2022 survey*, funded by NWPB, found that 100% of consumers say watermelon makes them feel happy. It’s hard to not smile at that stat. Whether you’re picking up a sweet snack for yourself or your crew, watermelon brings a little bit of happy anywhere you take it.

stamp graphic with 81%

Comfort food comes in all shapes and slices!

81% of consumers consider watermelon a comfort food.

graphic that says 100% no bad vibes

Let’s face the facts!

100% of consumers say watermelon makes them happy.

stamp graphic with good mood and 82%

Mood boosted!

82% of consumers agree eating watermelon boosts their mood.

A watermelon rind in the shape of a smile.

Quiz Time!

Your recipe for happiness is loading.

Fill in the blanks and we’ll help fill your plate!

Question 01:

I’m happiest when I’ve got ________ on the menu:

Question 02:

My happy place is:

Question 03:

Choose a state of mind:

Smile To These Songs

Smile and sing along to our curated happy playlist at your next picnic, party or road trip. Mood boost incoming.

100% of consumers say watermelon makes them happy. The official happy fruit.

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