Jump with Jill, view from back of stage towards audience with performer center state, arms up

Created by a registered dietitian and professional musician, this is the world’s only rock & roll nutrition program for kids.

Jump with Jill uses music and dance to celebrate healthy habits – including “sweet beats” featuring watermelon – in an experience that is engaging, entertaining and educational. Advertising for unhealthy foods works to convince kids to build loyalty to foods that are bad for them. Jump with Jill uses those same tools – music, excitement, and characters – to make learning about health cool.

Watch the Sweet Beat Music Video (featuring watermelon!)

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Jump with Jill Lesson Plans


Join Renee from Jump with Jill on an exercise in gratitude. What is gratitude? Why is practicing gratitude important?

“I work out because it’s SWEET!” In this Workout with Jill, we’ll be doing three moves from the Action Pack from the Nature’s Candy section. Learn the moves and then follow along in this circuit of exercises for a SWEET at-home workout.

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