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Although a nostalgic product for U.S. consumers, watermelon continues to grow on foodservice menus.

The Foodservice Program strives to place more watermelon on menus year-round, offering watermelon education and inspiration such as menu development and promotion support to operators across the country. Available year-round, watermelon is a healthy, cost effective and versatile menu addition. Watermelon is featured on one in ten menus and grew by 54%, 2014-2018.

Menu Ideation

Looking for inspiration to use watermelon on your menu? Visit to further understand how to use the whole product, explore flavor pairings, and see what is trending on menus.

Product Information

Educate yourself on watermelon basics to successfully use it on your menu. Looking to better understand where watermelon comes from? Want to know the best way to cut a watermelon, balancing yield and time? You’ve come to the right place!

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    Virtually visit a farm to learn how watermelon ends up in your kitchen.

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    Types & Availability

    Learn about the bounty of types and formats of watermelon available all year long.

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    Selection & Storage

    Choose the best watermelon and store it properly to satisfy your guests.

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    Cutting & Yield

    Get the most from your watermelon with detailed cutting steps.


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