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Retail Kit cover - watermelon slices in bowl and one on side, garnished with mint, blue background. Retail Kit set over green background

Retail Kit

Whether you are new or a seasoned professional to this category, this all-inclusive retail education tool has you covered.

Product Training

All the information you’ll need at the retail level, including types of watermelon, availability chart, and PLU/UPC codes.

  • light bulb with text

    Product Training

    Watermelon Learning Lab

    Test your watermelon knowledge today!

  • various watermelon cuts, including yellow on teal painted wooden background

    Product Training

    Types & Availability

    Watermelon is available year-round!

  • PLU-watermelon. Person (hands only) holding watermelon with PLU sticker, on conveyer belt at grocery store

    Product Training


    See available PLU and UPC codes.

  • jars of watermelon cuts, balls, sticks, chunks, with knife and chunks in background. slate cutting board on side

    Product Training

    Storage & Yield

    Selecting, storing and handling best practices.

  • person holding watermelon half, bright red flesh

    Product Training

    Hollow Heart

    Explaining hollow heart to staff and customers.

  • Three watermelon field workers passing watermelon to one in truck, tossing watermelon in air

    Product Training


    Virtually visit a farm to learn how watermelon ends up in your store.

Promotion Tips

Information and resources for you, the retailer, that will help with stimulating watermelon sales in your store. 

  • retail display - watermelon in bins with two NWPB posters, Selection & Health Esteem. Balloons part of display

    Promotion Tips

    Best Practices

    Tips for marketing watermelon.

  • sample ad - watermelon slices on blue plate on wooden table with watermelon logo bottom right. Top left, sample ad (price & description)

    Promotion Tips

    Sample Ads

    Use these resources.

  • watermelon queen smiling at customer at outside event in front of watermelon bin

    Promotion Tips

    Watermelon Queen

    The watermelon queens are trained promotional ambassadors.

  • grocery store display contest set-up, whole watermelon, wedges, slices with watermelon carved basket in front/center. Pink and green balloons floating overhead.

    Promotion Tips

    Retail Merchandising Contest

  • watermelon snowman carving

    Promotion Tips


    Watermelon fun isn’t just for the summertime!

Useful Links

Looking for more helpful tips? Use these links for additonal information.


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