Welcome to the Retailers’ section of watermelon.org, a one-stop shop for all things watermelon at retail. Looking for product information, training, or promotional tips and tricks? You’ve come to the right place!

Retail Kit

Whether you are new or a seasoned professional to this category, this all-inclusive retail education tool has you covered.

Product Training

All the information you’ll need at the retail level, including types of watermelon, availability chart, and PLU/UPC codes.

  • Product Training

    Types & Availability

    Watermelon is available year-round!

  • Product Training


    See available PLU and UPC codes.

  • Product Training

    Storage & Yield

    Selecting, storing and handling best practices.

  • Product Training

    Hollow Heart

    Explaining hollow heart to staff and customers.

Promotion Tips

Information and resources for you, the retailer, that will help with stimulating watermelon sales in your store. 

  • Promotion Tips

    Best Practices

    Tips for marketing watermelon.

  • Promotion Tips

    Sample Ads

    Use these resources.

  • Promotion Tips

    Watermelon Queen

    The watermelon queens are trained promotional ambassadors.

  • Promotion Tips

    Display Contest

Useful Links

Looking for more helpful tips? Use these links for additonal information.

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Retail Contact

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