Butcher’s Guide: Cuts of Watermelon

Did you know that you can eat the entire watermelon? Maybe not in one bite, but each part of the watermelon has its own unique flavors and uses.

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You’ve used the whole watermelon!

And learned how to shop, food prep and eat more sustainably, lowering your food waste footprint.

When you use:

You save an average of 5.01 pounds of food waste.
Illustration of a whole and partial watermelon
You save an average of 5.01 LBS of food waste.

Benefits of Watermelon




animated watermelon wedges on yellow background

Use The Whole Watermelon

Use Watermelon Flesh

Did you know your favorite part of the watermelon can come in a variety of different colors and can be used in savory recipes as well as sweet? From colorful snacking to delicious entrees, there is something for every appetite, so no watermelon goes to waste.

animated glass of watermelon drink

Use The Whole Watermelon

Use Watermelon Juice

At 92% water, watermelon is an excellent choice for staying hydrated. Overripe watermelon? Don’t throw it out! Instead, juice or puree it to retain the value and nutrition. Cheers to that!

animated watermelon rind cuts on aqua background

Use The Whole Watermelon

Use Watermelon Rind

The rind is the most tossed out part of the watermelon––but don’t let all that tasty goodness go to waste! A watermelon’s rind has nutrients and flavor that we know you’ll love. It also makes a fantastic centerpiece or serving bowl!

Pledge to Use the Whole Watermelon

Using the whole watermelon is a sustainable choice because it reduces food waste — minimizing the negative impacts on our environment. Tell us why you’re pledging to use the whole watermelon.

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