The watermelon rind: for many, seen as the outer vessel that carries that sweet, juicy watermelon flesh. But for those in the know, it’s yet another amazing and versatile way to enjoy the beloved watermelon!

Watermelon Rind Stir Fry

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Three Ways to Eat Watermelon Rind

When most people eat a watermelon, they devour the red flesh inside and toss the rest of the watermelon in the trash (or, if you’re a gardener, the compost heap). If that’s you, that’s okay, but you should know that there are some very real benefits to using the entire watermelon, including the rind and seeds.

Simple to Use

Sliced, diced, grated or blended. The question isn’t which to try, but which to try first! Not sure where to start? Use this handy video for basic cuts of the watermelon rind.

Eat the Rind,
Waste Less Food!

Delicious Flavor

Pickled rind may be the most widely known way to eat the rind, but it can also be candied, juiced, stewed, baked, and so much more! Think of watermelon rind as a bonus ingredient when you go buy a whole watermelon; a blank canvas that can seasoned and cooked just about any way you can imagine up.

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Stretch Your Dollar,
Use the Whole Watermelon!

rind curry in bowl with garnish of parsley and watermelon chunks

Nutritional Benefits

Watermelon, the red, juicy fruit, is as healthy and nutritious as it is delicious. But what about the white part of the flesh inside the green peel? What nutrition data is known about the watermelon rind?

The USDA FoodData Central database currently only lists nutritional data for “watermelon, raw” meaning the [common] red flesh. However, research has been published that has examined the nutritional contents of the watermelon rind.

Fun to Show Off!

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