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Over the last four years, Jump with Jill has partnered with the National Watermelon Promotion Board to get audiences singing the praises of “Nature’s Candy,” naturally sweet watermelon. From public schools, to arenas, to NFL stadiums, to America’s landmarks and abroad, Jump with Jill has performed with their headphone-wearing watermelon for over half a million kids all over the world. The unique approach to nutrition education has made DJ Homeslice a bit of a media magnet, landing him a starring role in the live show atop an orange pedestal and a feature in Jump with Jill educational tools.

Jump with Jill regularly produces video content featuring watermelon. Featuring the hit song from the Jump with Jill show, "Nature's Candy," the video showcases the electrifying power of choosing fruit over candy. Joined by her band that features JSlice on upright bass, the song is presented in three levels to allow kids to master the moves. The series has been viewed over 40,000 times on YouTube resulting in hordes of kid-generated video responses. Two years in a row Jump with Jill has awarded a $1,000 grant to schools for the best student-led “Nature’s Candy” video. Watermelon is featured in the “Watermelon Bandits” episode of the Jump with Jill Nutrition Action News program. The news you can chew! In the episode, overly intense news anchor Jill Jayne covers a breaking news story with Vladimir Radulov on location to cover a pattern of watermelon disappearances. Watermelon Workouts is a retro-inspired video series where Jill works out while carrying a watermelon to showcase the benefits of eating healthy and exercising. Should they have chosen a more nimble fruit? One episode features Jill training all over the City of Philadelphia where the original Rocky movie was set in 1976. The other features Jill as she flashdances all over the City of Pittsburgh where the original Flashdance movie was set in 1983.

To promote these projects, and the live tour stops with DJ Homeslice, Jump with Jill hashtags their way across social media platforms to bring the integrated messages to life online including a selfie contest at the 2014 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in Atlanta. Jump with Jill partnership with Meijer grocery stores raise funds for the Produce for Kids Campaign which has resulted in integrated graphic treatments throughout the country. In the spring of 2014, Jump with Jill released featured DJ Homeslice on the JillPlate, the Jump with Jill version of the USDA’s MyPlate, in support of the live tour. The cumulative effect of four years of in-show messaging, online integrations, custom video content, and user generated media has made watermelon rock in and out of season.


Jill posted the best photos ever of watermelon-Jump with Jill integrations. She put a variety of live photos, deliverables, and watermelon around town photos in here:


  • Nature’s Candy Danceable Music Video

  • Jump with Jill Presents Watermelon Workouts

  • Flashdance

  • Nutrition Action News: The Watermelon Bandits

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