Two watermelon cucumber drinks with pitcher, fresh cucumber and fresh watermelon in the background

You can’t beat the first bite of a fresh, juicy, red-fleshed watermelon. It’s so simple yet so delicious. Whether you slice it, dice it, blend it, carve it, freeze it, top it or mix it, watermelon is simply the best! Choose your favorite simple recipe below from snacks, drinks and sweets. We’ve got what you crave.


Simple Snacks

Salty, tangy, sweet and savory, there’s an assortment of simple snacks featuring fresh watermelon we can’t wait for you to try. From kid-approved watermelon fries to creamy smoothie bowls and showstopping salads, you’ll be eager to make every one from this list. 


Easy Drinks 

What’s cool, crisp, juicy and refreshing? Each one of these watermelon bevs! A blended creamy daiquiri, a herbaceous matcha, a zesty mocktail and more. All hydrating and delicious any time of day. Find your favorite!


Refreshing Sweets 

Made with just watermelon and a few simple ingredients, these sweets are hard to beat. A sensational fruit cake, zesty popsicles and the juiciest, freshest granita you’ll ever make.