watermelon being cut for family by man with three boys and one woman at table

The NWPB is pleased to offer 4K high definition watermelon B-roll footage. B-roll is provided free of charge for broadcast news organizations, retail organizations, promotional entities and educational program operators. This footage is not intended to be used with any volume or original audio as its intent is background filler for publicity or education purposes.

The raw footage files of the watermelon B-roll scenes total 22GB. Please contact the NWPB office to arrange for hard copy B-roll delivery at [email protected] or the raw file(s) can be uploaded to your FTP site, DropBox or shared via ShareThis.

  • two young boys, one eating slice of watermelon, smiling

    B-Roll Video

    Kids Eating Watermelon

  • close-up of slicing of watermelon. Hands in view

    B-Roll Video

    Slicing Watermelon Close Ups

  • close-up of watermelon on vine - beauty shot

    B-Roll Video

    Watermelon Beauty Shots

  • Watermelon farm workers, view from inside of bus/truck with workers on side and one in bus/truck

    B-Roll Video

    Watermelon From Field To Truck

  • watermelon workers in the field

    B-Roll Video

    Workers In The Field

  • wide-view shot of watermelon field with workers by two busses/trucks, loading

    B-Roll Video

    Workers With Bus Wide Shots

  • watermelon workers with bus in field, loading

    B-Roll Video

    Workers With Bus

  • watermelon set in bin with other bin in background

    B-Roll Video

    Watermelon Packaging

  • young boy in orange shirt eating and holding watermelon slice

    B-Roll Video

    Kids Eating Watermelon B Roll Highlights