Welcome RDNs to the Wide World of Watermelon

We know that as an RDN, you’re a busy professional with endless areas of practice.

Watermelon wants to work for you.

The Watermelon Board is excited to put the Wide World of Watermelon (aka the new WWW) at your fingertips.

The WWW makes it easier to find all the health benefits, versatility and wonder of watermelon in an exclusive RDN toolkit that is:

  • Tailored for specific practice areas
  • Useful, practical and creative
  • Comprehensive from patch to plate
  • Downloadable, shareable, printable

Find what works for you:

  • Media & Communications
  • Sports Dietetics
  • Retail & Supermarket
  • School Nutrition
  • Private Practice
  • Food & Culinary
  • RDNs and the Watermelon Board – The Rhythm and the Rind

Dietitian Toolkit

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