Watermelon, lime and mint mocktails with ice.

The new year is always an exciting time. Whether it’s making resolutions, goal setting, trip planning or starting a new routine, a fresh start is always welcomed. Which is why we loved putting together this list of our favorite watermelon bevvies! Spirit-free but still full of cheer, these refreshing drinks can be a fun and fresh way to bring a new routine or resolution into your life. 


Incorporating a watermelon bevvy into your day to day is an added boost of fun, flavor and hydration. What are you waiting for? Mix up a new drink today!

Watermelon Granita with Minty Basil Soda Mocktail

Frozen! Minty! Basil-y! This mocktail has something for everyone. Great for when you want a sweet treat.

Granita mocktail on a cutting board


Watermelon Cucumber Mojito Spritz

Light and refreshing, this watermelon cucumber spritz is easy to sip and savor. 

Two watermelon, cucumber and mint spritz beverages with watermelon spears.


Watermelon Lime Mint Tonic

It’s amazing that watermelon juice, lime, mint and tonic water can create a beverage so good you’ll want to have it at every happy hour. Simple is best!

Watermelon, lime and mint mocktails with ice.


Watermelon Vanilla Ginger Spritz

Vanilla and watermelon are the underrated flavor combination you need to try. Subtly sweet and so good with a hint of fresh ginger and bubbly club soda.

Two watermelon, ginger and vanilla spritz beverages with ice.


Watermelon Limeade

All you need for this juicy, limey drink is watermelon, lime juice, agave and fresh mint for garnish. It’s that easy!

Two glasses of watermelon limeade with pitcher on marble


Watermelon Lemonade

You can’t go wrong with this classic watermelon lemonade recipe. Kids of all ages will adore a refreshing and tart glass of this year-round favorite.

Lemonade and watermelon slices on board


Watermelon Shirley Temple

Your favorite childhood beverage just got a watermelon makeover. Fresh watermelon juice makes this Shirley temple simply irresistible.

Shirley temples in jar glasses on a tray


Watermelon Grape Fizz

Grape juice plus watermelon juice? Sounds like a fruity match made in heaven! Add a little sparkling water for that extra fizz.

Two grape fizz drinks


Woju Salted Watermelon Juice by Pam Smith

The one, the only, the greatest and most simple watermelon bevvy aka WOJU. The salt is absolutely crucial to this drink!

watermelon juice with ice in a glass


Want even more sips? Check out all of our favorite watermelon beverages for more drink inspiration. https://www.watermelon.org/recipe-categories/beverages/