half watermelon cut into sticks on top of round wooden cutting board

You followed our steps for choosing a watermelon, but now what? Time to dig in! But with many ways to ‘slice it,’ you may be wondering, how should I cut my watermelon? We’ve rounded up some of the classic watermelon cutting techniques to help you brush up on the slicing and dicing basics, just in time for the summer season.


Let’s start with a classic: the watermelon slice. Nothing says “summer” quite like it. While seemingly basic, the slice does have a few tricks up its sleeve: add a wooden stick, put it in the freezer and voila! You’ve got yourself a watermelon “popsicle.”

Watermelon Slice Popsicles Watermelon Recipe

Use them in a Recipe: Watermelon Slice Popsicles


If on-the-go is your middle name, watermelon cubes are your game. Take watermelon to go with our quick cube cutting hack (say that three times fast!).

Use them in a Recipe: Red Fruit Salad


Watermelon stick, meet dip. Dip, meet watermelon stick. The ultimate cut for snacking.

Use them in a Recipe: Watermelon Dippers


Did we just invent the summer cookie swap? Cut watermelon into thin slices and use your favorite cookie cutter shapes for a treat that’s equally fun to make and fun to eat.

Use them in a Recipe: Frosted Watermelon Cutouts


Reasons to carve a watermelon:

  • Everyone will be talking about it 👀
  • It’s a fun & creative outlet ✨
  • Total resume booster 🙌

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