There’s something about the change of seasons that lifts spirits and leaves you wanting to challenge yourself and try something new. And maybe that something new is getting race-ready for the next marathon in your town. 

Training for a marathon requires proper fuel, hydration and a consistent training schedule. By including watermelon as a pre-workout snack, you’re not only getting a jolt of juicy energy but with every 2-cup serving you get 21 g of carbs. Having fast-digesting carbs before a long run is a quick and easy fuel source for your body to utilize in the miles ahead. 

But fueling your workout is just as important as recovering and luckily watermelon can help with both. After miles and miles of training for the big race, your body’s cells are naturally depleted of electrolytes, glycogen and water. Watermelon is a great way to replenish and rehydrate your cells post workout so you can fully recover and continue to train for months to come. 

Whether you’re training for your first or 15th marathon, running coach and dietitian Chrissy Carroll has a few tricks up her sleeve to help you conquer every step. Her training guide features key info about the benefits of adding watermelon to your pre- and post-workout nutrition, training tips and a 4-month plan so you can hit the ground running, literally! 

Have an upcoming race? Get started on your training by downloading the guide below.

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Here’s a sneak peak of the post-workout snacks included in the guide:

Watermelon Protein Shake

Blend up this post-workout smoothie made with watermelon, mango, cherry juice, Greek yogurt and protein powder. You’ll be feeling replenished in no time!

protein shake with watermelon wedge

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Watermelon Sports Drink

Watermelon, water and lime juice make for the world’s most refreshing and delicious way to hydrate post workout.

Sports drink by Chrissy Carroll

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