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Are you looking to collect more stamps on your passport without the hefty price tag? Travel the globe with these fun and flavorful videos. This month we are celebrating the delicious flavors of watermelon with inspiration from all over the world. 

Keep scrolling to experience the (flavor) trip of a lifetime!


Do you have a sweet tooth? Check out this video of sweet and sour watermelon rind candy, dulce de cáscara de sandía, from Mexico. Watch how the rind of the watermelon goes from firm fruit to almost a sour straw.🤩

@soyanitasanDulce de cáscara de sandía♬ A Mover el Bote – Organo Juventud Mixteco



Next, we’re going overseas to South Korea for some watermelon rind kimchi. This dish utilizes the outside layer of the watermelon to replace cabbage, which is traditionally used in kimchi.

@watermelonboard Ingredient swap! Try crunchy watermelon rind in place of cabbage in this delicious remake of traditional Korean kimchi. Get the ingredients list and step-by-step directions on #fyp #watermelon #zerowaste #kimchi ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup


Off to India! This traditional recipe is called Tarbooz Ke Sabji, which translates to watermelon curry. It’s packed with lots of flavors and spices. We love how the TikTok creator, @RootedInSpice, talks about how her family fights food waste by always utilizing every part of the watermelon.

@rootedinspice #watermelon #indianrecipes #healthyrecipes #veganfood ♬ You – Petit Biscuit

Do you like exploring new foods, cultures and flavors? We’d love to see where your watermelon adventures take you, tag us on social media @WatermelonBoard so we can share the fun.