Watermelon CarvingsCarvings


  • 1 medium-to-large oval or oblong seedless
  • Kitchen knife & paring knife
  • Peeler
  • Cutting board
  • Large bowl
  • Black licorice rope
  • Straight pins
  • Melon baller
  • Watermelon white flesh for eyes
  • Blueberries or other fruit as desired
  • Assorted Spiderman figures for propping & decorating
  1. Wash the watermelon under cool running water and pat dry.
  2. On a cutting board, place the watermelon on its side and cut off about 1/2” from each end, this will provide a sturdy base. Reserve the cut top and bottom to create the eyes.
  3. Stand the watermelon upright on the base and peel all the way around the watermelon to leave just the red flesh.
  4. Place the peeled watermelon back on its side and cut a diagonal from about 2” from the base through the watermelon. This will create a base and Spidermans face. Sit the base upright and reserve the top piece for making watermelon balls to serve around the Spiderman carving.
  5. Carefully peel the reserved top and bottom disks, leaving just the white flesh and cut into larger teardrop shapes to create Spidermans eyes.
  6. Use straight pins to attach pieces of licorice rope to form the web of Spidermans mask.
  7. Outline the 2 eyes with licorice rope & attach with straight pins.
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