Jack O’Melon

Have Made It

Save a pumpkin. Carve a watermelon!





  1. Wash your watermelon. Cut a thin slice from the bottom of a round watermelon to provide a stable base.
  2. Cut a circular piece of the rind from the top of the watermelon that is big enough to reach into while removing the flesh. Carefully remove that top section and reserve for later to be used as a "lid".
  3. Remove the flesh from inside the watermelon using a melon baller, reserving the melon balls for snacking or a fruit salad
  4. Once flesh is removed, drain any excess liquid from inside the watermelon.
  5. Using a pen or knife, draw or scratch the outlines of eyes, nose, mouth, hair, ears or any other feature you want on the side of the watermelon. Then, following the outlines cut the features into the watermelon and remove excess rind. To create a 3-D effect with the features after you have cut them into the melon, push gently on the flaps of rind from inside the watermelon. (You can use toothpicks to prop the rind, if you want.) Be creative!
  6. Add a safe, battery-operated lamp firmly inside the watermelon to provide a haunting glow, if using.
  7. Place the circular piece of rind that you reserved back on top of the watermelon and your Jack O' Melon is ready to be displayed!


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