Have Made It

We highly recommend using a melon baller for this little bug!





  1. Using a round watermelon, slice one inch off of the bottom lengthwise to provide a stable base. Set aside. This cut will be used for the legs later.
  2. Cut wing pieces out of back of watermelon. Cut red flesh off wings and reserve for salad. Use the melon baller to scoop dots out of the rind side of the wing pieces - fill holes with watermelon balls.
  3. Use a pencil to draw curved lines on two opposite sides of the wing pieces to create wing shape, then cut along the lines. To add dimension and layers to the wings, take a paring knife and trim the top edge of inside of wings to expose light green inside of rind.
  4. Take the piece cut from bottom of melon and slice lengthwise in two. Make two cuts lengthwise, following the curve, 1/4" thick, to create two curved antennas. Then, cut 6 V-shaped legs.
  5. Cut out the eyes using the same method as cutting out the dots on the wings and fill with melon balls. Trim pieces cut from eyes to make two thin discs to place at the end of the antenna. Make small cuts in the center of each disc and slide onto antenna.
  6. Use sturdy toothpicks to secure legs and antennae to body. Arrange the wings to spread open and secure in the same manner.
  7. Fill body with fruit salad.


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