Have Made It

This super simple sailing vessel also works as a serving vessel!

Sailboat In Process image with tools and pieces.





  1. Wash and cut ¼" off of the bottom of the watermelon with your chef's knife.
  2. Use a dry erase marker to draw a cut line and a trim line.
  3. Use a utility knife to trim a flat base for the boat, being careful to only cut into the rind.
  4. Trim the back or the boat to be flat, being careful not to cut through the rind.
  5. Cut around a square piece of flesh to leave as the boat's transom. Scoop out melon balls from the rest of the flesh.
  6. Use the trimmed flat piece from the back fo the boat to carve a ship's wheel.
  7. Use the removed top piece of watermelon to cut flat pieces of flesh that can be cut with cookie cutters to be waves and dolphins.
  8. Cut remaining top rind into waves.
  9. Assemble by filling with watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe balls. Put a large skewer into the transom flesh and attach the sail, using rubber bands to secure.
  10. Attach the ship's wheel and fill with fruit salad.
  11. Use toothpicks to attach Swedish fish and dolphin cutouts to the waves that surround the carving.

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