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This Jurassic-inspired beauty is an easy and tasty craft that comes together in no time!

Stegosaurus In Process image shown being cut with attachment and tools on side.





  1. Wash the watermelon and other fruit with cool running water and pat dry.
  2. Cut a very thick 2-3 inch slice lengthwise from the watermelon center of the watermelon using the large kitchen knife and slice off a long section of the rind along the bottom to form a straight base so the slice can stand up.
  3. Stand the slice up to create the body of the dinosaur on the serving platter.
  4. From the reserved watermelon rind use a dry erase marker to draw the desired shapes for a head and tail and use the pairing knife to carefully cut the shapes out.
  5. Attach the head and tail to the ends of the watermelon using toothpicks.
  6. Take strawberries and attach them stem down, with toothpicks, to the top of the watermelon wedge to create the dinosaur spikes.
  7. Cut half moon slices of oranges and attach them using toothpicks to the base of the wedge, to create the feet.
  8. Attach raisins or champagne grapes to the oranges to resemble claws of the dinosaur and eyes.
  9. Garnish with cut fruit and or use cookie cutters to cut dinosaur shapes from watermelon slices.

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Tom Jary

it is kinda easy

Tom Jary

I finlly did it




My grandson wanted everything dinosaur for his 10th birthday and your descriptions and illustration made it fun and easy to accomplish. Thank you for sharing your talents.