Watermelon Ornaments

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This fun ornament carving is surprisingly easy. During the winter, try using mini watermelons!





  1. Wash the three watermelons under cool running water and pat dry.
  2. Make holes in the bottom of the metallic muffin cups and feed pipe cleaners through and shape them to resemble ornament hooks. Using the glue gun, glue the muffin cups upside down on the tops of each of the watermelons. Take ribbon and tie bows around the pipe cleaners if desired.
  3. Use the dry erase marker to draw decorative patterns on each watermelon. Take the channel knife and carve away the top part of the rind from the decorative patterns you drew.
  4. For added sparkle, dust the edible disco dust/ shimmer powder over the carved out patterns. Arrange the watermelons on a platter and decorate with other festive accents.

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Love this idea!