Watermelon Treasure Chest

Have Made It

Who wouldn’t want to find watermelon in a treasure chest?!





  1. Choose an elongated watermelon for this carving. Wash the watermelon and pat dry.
  2. Cut the flat side of the bottom of the melon to stabilize and to make the handles and the key.
  3. On the discarded flat cut, use a dry erase marker to trace out the handles and the key (copy design from photo). Carve these items out of the rind and set aside.
  4. Use a dry erase marker to make a wavy line lengthwise through watermelon. Draw straps on sides of chest, and lock.
  5. Use a channel knife to carve straps and lock (copy from photo). Use tip of paring knife to carve the studs and lock.
  6. Cut center wavy line, using a utility knife, and pull watermelon in half.
  7. Use a large spoon to dig out watermelon flesh, and out of this make diamond shaped watermelon pieces for the treasure.
  8. Mix with assorted melon balls and Kiwi and carambola (star fruit) to resemble treasures.
  9. Fill watermelon with "treasure" salad and decorate with assorted jewels.
  10. Attach handles with small toothpicks, and garnish with key.

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