Clamshells of fresh cut watermelon
Gathered in Gratitude at the 47th Marine Corps Marathon


Winter Springs, FL – November 15, 2022 – Last month, for the 8th year, National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) sponsored the 47th Marine Corps Marathon. The event, which took place in Washington, DC on Sunday, October 30th, hosted more than 11,000 marathoners, nearly 5,000 10k runners and 982 Ultramarathoner finishers. Team Watermelon was on hand and gave out an estimated 28,000 samples of watermelon to runners, friends, family and supporters from all 50 states and more than 50 countries.

“This is the second year I’ve had the opportunity to be at MCM, and to be able to see people’s smiles when you hand them fresh watermelon is such an inspiration,” said Christian Murillo, NWPB Board President.

With a return to in-person events, this year’s Team Watermelon consisted of a troop of 26, including NWPB Board President Christian Murillo, every watermelon state association’s Watermelon Queen and coordinators, Class Produce representatives, and NWPB employees and volunteers.

“As an industry, Marine Corps Marathon is a prestigious and patriotic event that we look forward to participating in every year,” said Stephanie Barlow, Senior Director of Communications. “We are grateful to be back in person and able to give away a fun, healthy and hydrating fruit to everyone including athletes, supporters, Marines, and even pets! In our 8 years we have become favorites in the Finish Festival with repeat runners sharing their appreciation. Watermelon really is the perfect post-run treat, helping runners replenish, rehydrate and recover.”

The sold-out marathon, the first live running event since 2019, is known as “The People’s Marathon,” and is one of the largest marathons in the world. Additionally, unlike other marathons, runners do not have to qualify to enter and offers no prize money. It truly is a run for all people with many it being the runners’ first ever marathon attempt.

“For years, Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) runners look forward to seeing the National Watermelon Board and the Watermelon Queens at the MCM Finish Festival and this year did not disappoint.  MCM, MCM10K and MCM50K runners were more than happy to bite into the juicy watermelon to quench their thirst and hunger and with the beautiful weather at this year’s event, watermelon was an especially perfect treat.  Thank you to the National Watermelon Board for your unwavering support and we look forward to continuing our partnership in 2023!” shares Andrea Siegel, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager, Marine Corps Marathon Organization.

For more information about the Board’s participation in Marine Corps Marathon, contact Stephanie Barlow, Senior Director of Communications at [email protected].

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