Watermelon Board Boosts Efforts to Increase Consumer Demand

With U.S. watermelon production ramping up, now more than ever promotional positioning and marketing efforts matter.


Winter Springs, FL — April 20, 2020 — The National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) is realigning resources to adapt to this new climate, continuing to adjust marketing and promotional efforts to positively position watermelon as the go-to for health and happiness while making the most out of precious shoppers’ dollars.

“Watermelon holds a special place with consumers, and it’s so much more than a sweet treat for summertime,” says Jesse Wiggins of Wiggins Farms and current president of the NWPB. “Watermelon provides important basic health benefits like hydration at 92% water and it’s an excellent source of Vitamin C.”

Customers are looking for health, value and versatility all in one package.

“It’s the best value among fruit to stretch families’ budgets at only $0.17 per serving.* Furthering the value position for watermelon is that it is 100% edible, so there is zero food waste, and so versatile to use in many recipes or in delicious slices,” continues Wiggins.

The NWPB has pivoted from planned marketing activities to those more conducive to the current landscape. “While every audience is impacted, NWPB is working hard to continue to educate about those important health benefits, the terrific value for families of buying a whole watermelon, and how to use that one watermelon in various ways,” says Wiggins. “The opportunities for watermelon in the shopping basket, whether whole, mini, fresh cut or juice are endless.”

The following are adjusted activity highlights listed by division:


  • Special flight of YouTube television commercial – April through June flight of National YouTube television commercial highlighting watermelon’s health benefits and showing watermelon value and versatility
  • Amplify hydration and vitamin C health benefits and at-home usage in social media post calendar
  • Partner promos on Instagram Live with #WatermelonWednesday Home Workout and Watermelon Beverage Recipes
  • “Kid-Friendly Creativity in the Kitchen” national paid feature syndication
  • Jump with Jill “digital” live tour reaching virtual students and teachers with lessons, video content, PE classes and more
  • Master class media event for press and editors goes virtual in July


  • Digital outreach and in-office deliveries to inspire Foodservice media with watermelon
  • Foodservice refocus to support takeout and delivery opportunities
  • Reaching culinarians and culinary educators with digital Watermelon Culinary Curriculum

Retail & International Marketing

  • Actively distributing Retail Kit and advertorial released April 8
  • Ibotta redemption offer planned for early summer
  • Shoppable recipe activation with Fexy Media in development
  • Independent grocer outreach via Balanced activation kit
  • Retail and international account management teams at the ready

In these unprecedented times, watermelon provides a solution to consumers’ needs to feed their families nutritious meals and snacks, it is a smart value with zero food waste, and is tremendously versatile in recipes and even provides hands-on activities and crafts for the at-home world.

For more information and to explore the resources available to retailers, foodservice and consumer audiences, visit Watermelon.org.

* IRI Freshlook POS, Total US MULO, Latest 52 Weeks Ending 3-27-2016.