3 "sparkling" frose with animation

 Watermelon Frosé recipe featured above.

WE’RE ☀️ LOVING 🏖️ SUMMER! 🍉 And we are so excited to get together with friends and raise a watermelon cocktail or mocktail to the best time of the year. We’ve rounded up three of our favorite sparkling watermelon bevvies that could put any fireworks display to shame. And with easy N.A. swaps these drinks are easily made enjoyable for any group. 

It’s Spritz Girl Summer! 

But obviously anyone can enjoy this classic summer cocktail. The spritz is a summertime staple, but have you tried mixing it up to make it your own? Our favorite recipe, linked below, calls for watermelon, Chardonnay and mineral water, but try swapping the Chardonnay for a Rosé for a fruiter flavor. Or try ditching the booze all together and add in your favorite sparkling flavored water for a more hydrating take. 

Watermelon Wine Spritzers


Fun and Fizzy!

Want to take your sparkling drinks up a notch? Add in some Pop Rocks! The tasty, popping candy rims the glass of this mocktail for added fizzy flare until the very last drop. The watermelon and grape juice bring the flavor, while the sparkling water makes this a spritz any group can enjoy. Looking to add a little something to this beverage? Swap out the carbonated water for your favorite sparkling wine.

Watermelon Grape Fizz

Bring On The Bubbly!

This next sparkling cocktail is only two ingredients and perfect for any celebration –– even if you’re just celebrating a beautiful summer night. Our watermelon poptail is your choice of Champagne or Prosecco and a watermelon popsicle! Wanting to skip the alcohol? No problem! A delicious citrus soda would be an amazing substitute. Cheers to delicious simplicity! 🍉🥂

Watermelon Poptail

Are you ready to make some fun watermelon cocktails (or mocktails) and spritz the summer away? Make sure you tag us on social media @WatermelonBoard so we can share the fun!