Watermelon cut on a wooden cutting board

There’s nothing better than slicing up sweet, refreshing watermelon to enjoy with friends and family. Use these tips to sharpen your knife skills so you can cut right to the bestpart: taking a big bite of cold, juicy watermelon!

How to Cut Watermelon Like a Pro

Cut watermelon into perfect slices just like they do at restaurants! These are perfect for adding to your next grazing board

Credit: @chefchrischo

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How to Cut Quick Watermelon Cubes

Cutting cubes has never been quicker with this time-saving hack! Stack your cubes on skewers with your favorite flavor pairings, like this Watermelon, Mango and Halloumi Skewer.

Credit: @katelyn_strong

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The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

The ultimate snack hack. Perfect for pool parties and backyard barbecues, this foolproof way of cutting watermelon makes it easy to grab and go! Enjoy plain or serve with a dip

Credit: @fiveandvibe

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The Watermelon Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed (Until Now)

Slices? Yep! Cubes? Yep! This watermelon cutting tool really can do it all! 

Credit: @farmshenanigans

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