Destress the holidays with watermelon cover image

The holiday season is full of fun festivities and gatherings with friends, family and coworkers. From yummy treats, tasty appetizers and delish dinners, there’s always something good to eat. But with juggling holiday travel plans, hosting family and making merriment, stress levels are bound to rise. 

Take note of our favorite holiday hack and eat more watermelon, or should we say wintermelon! Be your best self and the best host by making watermelon a part of your seasonal traditions. You can take a layer of stress off by keeping cold, refreshing slices of watermelon on deck for guests and, of course, yourself. After all, 100% of consumers say watermelon makes them happy. If you want to bring the good mood food to your holiday table, try one of our fav holiday recipes below!

Watermelon Cranberry Topping

Watermelon and cranberry topping on mini bundt cakes with icing.

Rethink what you know about traditional cranberry sauce and give this recipe a whirl! Made with watermelon puree, this holiday staple is a gorgeous adornment to sweet masterpieces like cakes and ice cream or savory mains like pork, turkey or chicken. 

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Watermelon Charcuterie Board

Watermelon Charcuterie Board with Pickles

Level up your happy hour game with this watermelon charcuterie board. Everything you love about meaty, cheesy charcuterie but with a refreshing watermelon twist! Fresh watermelon slices, watermelon dill pickles and watermelon jerky will keep your guests coming back for more. 

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Roasted Watermelon Rind Parmesan Roasted Rind Parmesan in baking pan with spatula on side. Set on red with white polkadot napkin on wooden table

Say hello to your new favorite holiday sidedish! Roasting watermelon rind with warming herbs and topping with Parmesan makes for a cozy, comforting side delish alongside meaty mains and more. 

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Watermelon, Cranberry, Coconut and Fig Chutney

Individual ingredients in watermelon cranberry fig chutney on green background

Chutney is the perfect accompaniment to your holiday table. Great on its own or with meat like chicken, pork or turkey, this unique recipe features watermelon, cranberries, dried figs, coconut, a blend of warming spices and fresh citrus. 

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Hum along to our Slice of Happy playlist as you cook your way through the holidays! For more happy facts and stats visit the Slice of Happy Project for an instant mood boost!