Bottles of watermelon green tea

Grab your cocktail shaker as we kickstart the season of sunshine with delicious ways to spritz up your drink crafting skills. Your patio + these really refreshing beverages = weekend plans made. Cheers! 🍹

Cocktail Classics

For decades, this simply sweet pink drink claimed the status of being one of the most recognizable classic cocktails around. One way to take this iconic martini and infuse it with a cool taste of summer? Add a splash of fresh fruit flavor with watermelon.

Watermelon Cosmopolitan served in martini glass garnished with triangular shaped watermelon cut and curled orange rind. Martini shaker (clear) with cocktail next to glass.

Recipe: Watermelon Cosmopolitan


Keep Your Cool

It’s all too easy to focus on your list of ingredients while losing sight of the heart of all beverages: the ice cube. Round or square, crushed or crystal clear, what keeps your liquids cool plays a double-duty role in both the overall presentation and potential drink dilution. An easy way to take your ice skills to the next level is by utilizing frozen watermelon cubes instead. Bonus feature: When your drink is done, you’ve got a chilled snack waiting!

Bottles of watermelon green tea

Recipe: Watermelon Green Tea


Serve In Style

The ingredients are prepped, and you’re ready to start concocting your perfect summer cocktail, but what are you going to serve it in? Tap into your love of watermelon with this one-of-a-kind dispenser. Drink up!

The Watermelon Keg carving in action

Recipe: Watermelon Keg