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It’s Earth Month! Every April, people all over the world celebrate our wonderful planet and focus on ways we can keep it beautiful by living sustainably. Here at the National Watermelon Promotion Board, we don’t just focus on sustainability in April, we practice sustainability all watermelon season long (spoiler alert, that’s all year!). 

Keep reading to find new ways to prep, enjoy and use your watermelon to keep up the sustainable habits year-round. 

Use the Whole Watermelon 

You’ve probably heard us say it before but 📣 the entire watermelon is edible! 📣 That’s right, from the savory rind to the refreshing juice, every part of the watermelon has a delicious and nutritious way to be enjoyed. Check out all the awesome recipes and ideas here. 

Say Freeze! 

Were your eyes bigger than your stomach when you bought that giant watermelon? No problem! If you’re not able to eat the whole watermelon before it spoils, try this awesome frozen recipe to keep your watermelon a little bit longer. 

Watermelon Frozen Frosted Bites

Serve Looks 

In charge of the fruit at your next get together? No need to run out and buy a new serving platter, use the rest of your watermelon! From whether you’re an expert carver or a novice in the kitchen, we’ve got loads of watermelon basket carvings to help you serve up snacks the sustainable way. 

Explore them here. 

Get a Watermelon Glow! 

Instead of running out and buying whatever skincare new product is trending this week, use watermelon to up your natural beauty game! Packed with vitamin C to help build and maintain collagen levels, try adding your favorite fruit to your facials. 

Tap here to see all the ways watermelon can be used in your skin care routine.

These are only some of the ways you can use watermelon in a sustainable lifestyle. Have a favorite eco-friendly watermelon hack? Tag us on social media @WatermelonBoard