• Ice Pops and Cubes

    Watermelon popsicles make for frozen fun!

    Chunks of fresh fruit - try grapes, strawberries, blueberries, anything!

    Have an adult puree the watermelon. Now pour it into the popsicle molds and drop your chunks of fresh fruit and freeze!

    Or try watermelon ice cubes to add your favorite juice or soda! Have an adult puree some seedless watermelon and pour into ice cube trays and freeze.

  • Watermelon Pops

  • Flag Cake

    Celebrate Memorial Day with an American flag cake! On a large cookie sheet, piece together large rectangles of watermelon to form a base. Use blueberries to make the blue rectangle and then get some whipped topping for the stars and stripes

  • Flag Cake

  • Jack O'Melon

    A delicious Halloween!

    Boo! Make a watermelon jack o'lantern that's sweet and scary! You'll need a watermelon, a carving knife for your parents to use, an ice cream scoop, paper and pencil and your imagination!

    Draw your ideas for a scary melon on a piece of paper. Flip the paper over and trace it again. Then flip it back, rub and trace your design directly onto the watermelon. Now, ask an adult to cut out the face. You get the fun part! Scoop out all the sweet melon with your ice cream scoop.

  • JackOLantern

  • Watermelon Dip Stix

    This fresh dip has a hint of sweetness!

    8 ounces sour cream
    4 tablespoons sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    Watermelon stix or small wedges

    Blend together the sour cream, sugar and vanilla in a small serving bowl. Use as a dip for the watermelon.

  • WatermelonDipStix

  • Crazy Cutouts

    All you need are your favorite cookie cutters and one watermelon! Get an adult to cut 1/2" thick watermelon slices for you. Use your cookie cutters to make fabulous shapes like: dinosaurs, bears, letters, and more!

  • CrazyCutouts
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