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Watermelon games and activities for the classroom or even at home. Print at home everything from coloring books, to holiday crafts, recipe coloring pages and more!

Fun Ideas

Ice Pops and Cubes

Watermelon popsicles make for frozen fun!

Place pieces of watermelon in a blender and puree until smooth. Add this pureed juice into ice cube trays or popsicle molds and freeze. Adds a great watermelon ice cube to your favorite lemonade, juice or soda!

Flag Cake

Celebrate America with a flag cake! On a large cookie sheet, piece together large rectangles of watermelon to form a base. Use blueberries to make the blue rectangle and then get some whipped topping for the stars and stripes

Jack O’Melon

Boo! Make a watermelon jack o’lantern that’s sweet and scary! You’ll need a watermelon, a carving knife, an ice cream scoop, a dry erase marker and your imagination.

Draw your scary melon outline directly on a watermelon using a dry erase marker. Cut out the face and then wipe off the marker leftovers with a paper towel. Scoop out all the melon insides and light with a battery-operated flicker candle.

Watermelon Dip Stix

Cut watermelon into fun dippers, leaving the rind on, like a stick shape or a cube. Use these dippers to dip into your favorite yogurt or sweet topping!

Crazy Cutouts

All you need are your favorite cookie cutters and one watermelon. Cut a 1/2″ thick slab of watermelon. Use your cookie cutters to make fabulous shapes like dinosaurs, bears, letters, and more!

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