two cups of watermelon italian ice

The best time of the year is finally here: summer! ☀️ We don’t know about you, but for us, summer is all about quality time with family and friends, adventures and of course, endless watermelon!

From camping and hiking, to barbecues and play dates, no matter what you have planned for this summer, watermelon can be a part of it all. Even better, bring an international flavor and flare without reaching for your passport by creating our new Italian-inspired watermelon recipes!

Panna Cotta with Watermelon Sauce

Transport to the Italian Riviera for dessert with a traditional treat: Panna Cotta. 🍮 Topped with a homemade watermelon sauce, it simply doesn’t get sweeter than this!

Watermelon Caprese alla Feta Bites

Watermelon and feta is always a winning combination. Try for yourself in this Watermelon Caprese alla Feta recipe!

P.s. This recipe is perf for movie nights with the fam. Gather ‘round and watch Disney and Pixar’s Luca on Disney+ streaming June 18! 


Minty Trofie Al Pesto with Watermelon

Watermelon and pasta is a combo SO worth trying this summer! Cubed watermelon adds color, crispness and a refreshing bite when paired alongside homemade pesto, trofie pasta and fresh mint.

Minty Trofie Al Pesto with a Sprinkle of Watermelon in a Bowl

Watermelon Gelato

Hot summer nights call for a bowl (or two) of Watermelon Gelato. 🍨

Watermelon Pizza alla Italia

This Watermelon Pizza alla Italia is a simple, yet delicious, way to indulge in fresh produce. 🍉🍓🥝

Pro tip: Slice watermelon and prep ingredients the night before, storing in reusable containers. Pack everything in a cooler and grab before heading out the door. Easily assemble and enjoy no matter where you are!

Watermelon Italian Ice

This recipe is certifiably the ✨coolest✨ way to relax and unwind after a day full of adventures.

Watermelon and Feta Bruschetta

Traditional bruschetta is an antipasto (first course meal) from Italy consisting of grilled bread and toppings like cured meats, olives, cheeses, and vegetables in oil or vinegar. Freshen up your antipasto with this fresh watermelon and feta topping!

Italian Style Watermelon Bruschetta

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