Two glasses of prosecco with frozen watermelon ice pops

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting 2021 off strong or still trying to recover from 2020, making time for yourself is crucial for being the best you can be – and watermelon is here to help! From workouts to cocktails, we’ve rounded up a few ways you can carve into watermelon and carve out some “me time.”

No Wait Weights!

A fun home workout that’s all hustle and no hassle! All you need is a watermelon and a good attitude, two things that already go hand in hand. Jennifer Fisher of @TheFitFork leads us through an awesome workout that will for sure help you reach your daily exercise goal.


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We Fondue, Do You?

Treating yourself can be as easy as watermelon + chocolate! Satisfying your sweet tooth doesn’t need to require hours of baking, this fondue recipe is so simple that anyone “candue” it.

Watermelon and Chocolate Fondue

Watermelon + Chocolate Fondue Recipe

More Like Spa-termelon

Next time you’re cutting into a watermelon, be sure you’re also cutting out time to relax and refresh. Whether your’re looking for a scrub to exfoliate or a face mask that feels fresh, adding watermelon into your skincare routine can help rejuvenate dull winter skin.

watermelon scrub with woman in robe preparing to apply

Refresh Your Skincare Routine

Make Any Hour Happy Hour

Sometimes having a bottle of champagne in the fridge is reason enough to celebrate. This bubbly beverage is only two ingredients so you can have it ready before you can say “Zoom happy hour anyone?”

Two glasses of prosecco with frozen watermelon ice pops

Watermelon Poptail Recipe

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