Grazing board dessert tray featuring watermelon

It may be August, but there is still plenty of summer fun to be had! From making a fun Sunday morning breakfast for the fam to spicing up snack time, watermelon-filled boards are perfect for every meal.


Kids Charcuterie Snack Board

This platter puts the cute in charcuterie! Made up of watermelon six ways – cubed, balled, sticks, cutouts, and skewers – veggies, fruit and PB&Js. This platter is tasty for all ages and is an easy and fun way to clean out your snack cabinet.

Kids grazing board overhead shot showing sandwiches, cracker, watermelon and other fruit

Recipe: Kid’s Charcuterie Snack Board 


Watermelon and Chocolate Dessert Board

Got a sweet tooth that just one piece of chocolate won’t fix? This dessert board is what you make it! A mix of watermelon cut into a combination of wedges and cubes, berries, chocolate, and salted nuts is sure to make all of your taste buds and best buds very happy!Watermelon and Chocolate Dessert Board

Recipe: Watermelon and Chocolate Dessert Board


Watermelon Pancake Sandwiches

Turn breakfast for the family into a fun brunch with our Watermelon Pancake Sandwiches. Once you’ve got your pancakes made, put out some watermelon slices about the same size as the pancakes, some berries, syrup and any other toppings you may like, assemble like a sandwich and bring the party to breakfast!Watermelon Pancake Sandwiches

Recipe: Watermelon Pancake Sandwiches