Close up of hands cutting watermelon into round slabs

Happy 2023! Cheers to a new year, new memories and new resolutions. From finally decluttering the garage to trying new recipes, resolutions can be anything that help you better yourself. But sometimes we lose steam and set our resolutions aside. For those times, watermelon is here to help! We’ve rounded up the most common new year’s resolutions and have found a few ways to sweeten them up to help you revel in your 2023 resolutions all year long. 

Participating in Dry January or Beyond

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to cut back on drinking or giving it up entirely in 2023, mocktails deserve to be more exciting than just a Sprite with grenadine. Our Watermelon Granita with Minty Basil Soda Mocktail is packed with flavor and looks just like any fancy cocktail you’d order at a bar, adding more flavor and flare to your 2023.

Make This Mocktail

Make More Plant-Based Meals

The new year is a popular time to revamp your eating habits. Whether you’re trying to eat a plant-based diet or just eat more plants, this watermelon vegetarian bowl is a great way to get both protein and flavor in one fresh, tasty dish.

Nutritious & Delicious

Create Less Food Waste

Working to be more eco-friendly is an awesome way to start the new year! And wouldn’t you know it, watermelon is 100% edible, meaning you don’t have to throw any of it away. This watermelon rind orzo recipe uses the rind of the watermelon, creating less food waste while giving you lots of flavor and nutrition.  

Eat Eco-Friendly

Want to learn more about eco-friendly eating with watermelon? Visit our Use The Whole Watermelon page. 

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Get Organized

Is 2023 going to be the year of organization? Start your day in an easier way by prepping breakfast the night before. This watermelon parfait recipe is something you can put together before bed and grab it out of the fridge on your way to your desk the next morning.  

Organized & Easy

How are you working watermelon into your 2023 resolutions? Share with us on social media, tag @WatermelonBoard so we can share with others.