Holiday Watermelon Cutouts

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  1. Using holiday cookie cutters, cut shapes out of watermelon.
  2. Frost/decorate with frosting or yogurt
  3. Top with sprinkles.
  4. Serve immediately. If you opt to use yogurt, do not keep out of refrigeration at room temperature for longer than two hours or one hour if the temperature is 90 degrees F or above. (Source

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I made these with my family over the Christmas break after I got a snowflake and Christmas tree cookie cutter for 70% off on a doorbuster while shopping! It was so easy to create fun shapes of watermelon. I put a skewer up through the bottom so I could make little fruit magic wands. I didn’t end up using any frosting because the shapes themselves were too good. It helped my watermelon was great quality for December. I entered it in the #HowDoYouWintermelon contest. Next time I’ll try putting them in the freezer!