Watermelon Rind Stir Fry

When most people eat a watermelon, they devour the red flesh inside and toss the rest of the watermelon in the trash (or, if you’re a gardener, the compost heap). If that’s you, that’s okay, but you should know that there are some very real benefits to using the entire watermelon, including the rind and seeds.

Using the whole watermelon is a central theme of the National Watermelon Promotion Board’s 2017 marketing efforts, and it’s a lesson more people should pay attention to.

Take the rind, for example (I’ll talk about seeds in a future blog entry). You know the citrulline that watermelon is famous for? Well, the rind is loaded with it – even more so than the flesh! Of course, the key to chowing down on watermelon rind is knowing how to prepare it. Here are three ways to put that rind to good use:

  1. PICKLED – Watermelon rind is pretty similar to a cucumber, which is why it’s no surprise that that pickled watermelon rind (that’s a picture above) is such a popular option. If you’d like to try it for yourself, here’s a recipe.
  2. JUICED – By now, we’ve all heard about watermelon juice, which is made from the juicy, red flesh of the melon, but did you know you can juice the rind, too? Just like the watermelon flesh, rind is loaded with water and nutrients. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this recipe for a Watermelon Rind Smoothie.
  3. STIR-FRIED – When it’s cut up, watermelon rind is just like a vegetable, which means it can be tossed in a pan and stir fried right alongside broccoli and carrots. This recipe for Watermelon Rind Stir Fry will show you how to turn up the heat on the rind with delicious consequences.