watermelon rind and apple hand pies on a platter and plate

Happy December, watermelon lovers! We’re here for everything the winter months have to offer from cozy cups of cocoa and watching snow fall by the fire to, of course, warming up the house with batches of baked goods. And we bet you can guess our favorite ingredient to include in all our baking creations: watermelon! It might come as a surprise, but watermelon and watermelon rind can make some pretty delish treats. 

From mini pies to muffins and cakes, there’s a tasty watermelon recipe you’ve just got to try! Check out a few of our favs below.

Mini Strawberry Watermelon Rind Pies 

Did you know you can use the rind to make a sweet and delicious pie filling? This recipe uses fresh strawberries and watermelon rind to make a delightful baked goodie perfect for your holiday table. 


Coconut Watermelon Muffins 

Three Coconut Watermelon Muffins on a plate

Bake up a batch of these scrumptious coconut watermelon muffins! Made with watermelon rind and fresh watermelon so you get double the fun.


Watermelon Rind Cake

two layer cake on a platter with watermelon

Looking to wow guests? This watermelon rind layer cake will do more than that. When you grate the rind – similar to making carrot cake – it gives the cake a tender texture everyone will love. Plus, a layer of decadent cream cheese frosting pairs perfectly with this simple spiced cake.


Spiced Watermelon Rind Pie

watermelon rind pie on a platter and plate

Move over pumpkin pie! There’s a new holiday staple in town. This spiced watermelon rind pie uses all the usual holiday spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves for a delightfully unique seasonal experience.


Watermelon Rind and Apple Hand Pies 

watermelon rind and apple hand pies on a platter and plate

Personalized pies? Say no more. These watermelon rind and apple hand pies are a fun and easy baking activity the whole family can get involved in. Bake up a fresh batch for your next holiday gathering. 


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